Running Rewired

Strength training for runner

Good morning folks!

Super star, running expert, researcher and overall good guy Jay Dicharry has a new book out: Running Rewired. From the latest Run to the Top podcast, it sounds like a researched based approach to injury prevention and performance strengthening guide for runners. If you are like me and love terms like triple extension, neural drive, proximal stability and periodization this maybe a page turning thriller.

My copy is on order and I am sitting in my hands. The anticipation is like the last Harry Potter book.

But in all seriousness, check out the podcast and listen for yourself. I am a big fan of Jay’s first book: Anatomy for Runners. Highly recommended to my patients and clinicians treating or coaching runners.

Stocking stuffers for runners

Winter warriors : that is what I call runners who can keep running through the winter. This weekend I am with the family in Boston and already I have already seen 5 runners out getting their miles in with a high of 35 today.

Here our my favorite stocking stuffers for those winter warriors:

1. Lacrosse balls – they are cheap, fun to bounce and the perfect tool for loosening up stiff feet, sore spots, crinks in necks and low backs.

2. Socks – every runner loves a good pair of running socks. My favorite are Belega Socks and Swiftwicks.

3. Good SPF 30 lip balm. Try Rocket Pure.

4. The Stick – no explanation needed here.

5. Yoga strap – to really get a good stretch.

6. Head lamp – an essential part of winter training because it gets dark so early.

7. Foam Roller – everyone needs one of these.

8. Jay’s book Anatomy for Runners – the best guide out there for runners going through injuries or for those looking to avoid injuries.

9. Spikes to keep from slipping on the ice. I have tried yaktraks. They are a little bit too clumsy for running but work great on boots for hiking or for walking the dog. I recommend using a kit like icespiketm or getting some small sheet metal screws to put on your shoes. Here is a good video on it. Fleet Feet offered a service like this last year as well.

10. A good Gaiter – these are great since they can be used to just cover your neck, head and neck and/ or around your nose to help keep the air moist while you warm up. I discovered these two years ago and love mine. They are also great to keep around your wrist in the summer to wipe sweat.