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Running your best miles comes at the intersection of fitness, form, strength, and mindset. Running is a skill. And just like any skill, it built through a cycle of practice, feedback, and refinements. Native Running PT’s coaching approach is grounded in motion analysis, evidence-based training, and expertise in the anatomy and physiology of movement. Our goal is to combine science and experience to keep you running healthy for a lifetime.


Who We Serve

The Youth Runner. Healthy running is more than finding the right sneakers. Let’s develop the strong foundational skills to make running enjoyable for a lifetime.

The Injured Runner. A nagging pain can quickly become a more serious condition. Let’s get to the bottom of what’s going on and develop a plan to get you back on the road.

The New Mom Runner. It can be intimidating to figure out how and when to get started after having a baby. Let’s work together to evaluate your goals and figure out how to get you there.

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