Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We treat the athlete, not the injury.

We use the most current, evidenced based techniques and modalities to enhance the athletes natural recovery.

We educate and build our athletes up with knowledge and tools that they can use for a lifetime.

We provide excellence in customer service.

Everyone has a say and we treat everyone with respect and dignity.

We listen first and partner with our patients and clients.

We use smart goals for ourselves and for our patients and clients.

To be an athlete is a privilege. To provide care and to serve is a privilege. We live in gratitude, play and curiosity.



Long time, no post. It is October and the last time I posted was in January. Just an update, but since January I have:

  1.  Gained and lost about 10 lbs. Probably gained it back with my beer brewing habits and summer of smoked meats.
  2. Ran my first half marathon: St. Michael’s in April.
  3. Hung out with Jay Dicharry and Brian Heiderscheit at UVA’s Running in Medicine Conference.
    1. Both incredible speakers and researchers
  4. Ran out in Sedona Arizona which was awesome.
  5. Did another Annapolis 10 miler as a medical runner.
  6. Got a new pair of Altra’s which I am probably due for another pair.
  7. Currently dealing with some plantar fascitis. Here is where I am going to start. Will I run today? Most definitely. Just have to start slow and easy and not wear my vibrams.


Run Posture Matters

Postural stability drills help you become more efficient. Jay does a great job of breaking down this simple drill to keep your posture in check.

Looking forwards to seeing him again at this years UVA Running in Medicine course in March.

Jay Dicharry's Website, An Athlete's Body

Poor Posture = Poor run. Use this simple form drill from Running ReWired to find your neutral spine and nail it mile after mile.

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2018 Race goals

I’ve seen a fair number of injuries from poor training and poor planning. Most running coaches will ask you to pick an A race – the one race this running season that you want to finish/PR/place then a B race – a race you want to finish/PR/place but not as bad as A race.

You can do more races, just plan accordingly. Is one race too close to another? I always plan no more than one race a month. As good as I am to sticking to a training plan, I am a competitor. I know for myself that if it is a race, I am all in. No holding back. So I give myself a month in-between races to recover and prepare for the next one. The exception is if I am using a race to prep for the next one. For example doing a 10K two weeks before doing a 10 miler would seem appropriate if you have enough miles down for the 10 miler.

Here is my plan so far for 2018:

A) St. Michael’s Half Marathon May 19

B) Annapolis 10 miler  August 19

A few other races on my list:

Spartan Sprint May 12 in DC. Anyone interested in putting together a group? May 12


Dawnson’s Father’s Day 10K  June 17

Wyoming Buffalo Stampede 10K (great race in Wyoming Delaware) July 21

I am sure there will be a few more on my list. What is your A race and B race? Any other fun races out there?