Stocking stuffers for runners

Winter warriors : that is what I call runners who can keep running through the winter. This weekend I am with the family in Boston and already I have already seen 5 runners out getting their miles in with a high of 35 today.

Here our my favorite stocking stuffers for those winter warriors:

1. Lacrosse balls – they are cheap, fun to bounce and the perfect tool for loosening up stiff feet, sore spots, crinks in necks and low backs.

2. Socks – every runner loves a good pair of running socks. My favorite are Belega Socks and Swiftwicks.

3. Good SPF 30 lip balm. Try Rocket Pure.

4. The Stick – no explanation needed here.

5. Yoga strap – to really get a good stretch.

6. Head lamp – an essential part of winter training because it gets dark so early.

7. Foam Roller – everyone needs one of these.

8. Jay’s book Anatomy for Runners – the best guide out there for runners going through injuries or for those looking to avoid injuries.

9. Spikes to keep from slipping on the ice. I have tried yaktraks. They are a little bit too clumsy for running but work great on boots for hiking or for walking the dog. I recommend using a kit like icespiketm or getting some small sheet metal screws to put on your shoes. Here is a good video on it. Fleet Feet offered a service like this last year as well.

10. A good Gaiter – these are great since they can be used to just cover your neck, head and neck and/ or around your nose to help keep the air moist while you warm up. I discovered these two years ago and love mine. They are also great to keep around your wrist in the summer to wipe sweat.

Published by Dr. Dat Q. Cao

I am a doctor of physical therapist that specializes working with runners and athletes. Husband to a wonderful wife and two girls. Dog dad, runner, kettlebell specialist, amateur chef and now blogger

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